by Othello Bach

illustrations by Shann Hurst


  If you haven't heard of a fird, part fish, part bird, you don't know that he's looking fora heard of fird.  He wants to find out if he's "firding" right.  You see, Fird was raised by a nest of Dickens, part dog, part chickens, but they've never heard of a fird, and they don't know if he's firding right.

  So Fird sets out to find a herd of Fird.  Along the way, he meets many two-feature creatures- whimsical animals like shamels- part sheep, part camels, and bertles- part bear, part turtles.  But no one has heard of a herd of fird.

  While Fird has no luck finding a herd of fird, he discovers something far more important.  He learns that he can be whatever he wants to be, without looking anywhere outside of himself.

  Shann Hurst's beautiful illustrations will delight young readers, and Ms. Bach entertaining story conveys a powerful moral in a fresh and amusing way.