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Hello, I visited your website tonight and I like it, Today I got good news, ever since I have been looking for and wanted these Firffels action figures I found someone selling all 6 on ebay and I bought it for 40.00 dollars! it was a good deal and it was the only chance I could get them all in one lot for that price! I think this is the happiest month of my life, seeing the Firffels coming back with a new story and finally after a few years of my search for these hard to find Firffels I got all 6 figures today! I can't ever be more excited to learn more about them when the book comes out next week! Thank you very much for showing me your website and your impressive artwork, as a fan of the Firffels I would expect to see merchandise
and more of your artwork if this story becomes popular I hope for the best! Phil.

The Triumphant Return of Fird and the Firffels!


It took a while to arrive, which implies that it must be pretty popular and there's a lot of nostalgia for these characters.


And now that I've just finally read the book, I can see why.  The message is simple: be yourself.  But everything else in the book is so unusual and fun that the moral doesn't feel like a pill.


First off, obviously, the characters are all delightfully bizarre.  Boogie monsters, Panducks, Kangaroctopi, it's clear that Othello Bach had a lot of fun coming up with these creatures and Shann Hurst must have had a lot of fun drawing them.  Hurst's style itself is very unusual and almost surreal, and it fits the menagerie of friendly freaks.


Othello's writing is highly unique as well.  The book is much more text-heavy than I thought it would be, but it never feels bloated.  A lot of text is given over to poems and songs, some of which get downright philosophical.  And some of them are just fun.




My prediction is that kids -especially weird kids- are going to embrace this new edition of Whoever Heard of a Fird.  Hopefully, it'll renew interest in Othello Bach's characters.


Tricia's Obligatory Art Blog


I'm one of your original fans. I grew up with your book Whoever Heard of a Fird. Now that I'm a dad, I want my kids to learn the lessons that Fird taught me, especially that they can do anything they set their minds to. I used to know all the words of the text and every song, and loved singing along with the tape! Thanks for writing it. I can't wait to read it to my kids. 


B. Peters

At nearly 28 I’m getting ready to graduate with my masters in occupational therapy.  I have been trying to find this book for years! …  Life is a journey and mine is better because of your book! Forever grateful,

 M.R. Starbuck, Fird Fan!!!

 I like Whoever Heard of a Fird. This has to be one of the most imaginative stories I have ever read. All of the creatures are two-featured and hilarious. The reason no one has ever heard of a fird is quite simple. It is a surprise none of these intelligent beings ever thought of it before Fird ran into the solution.


What is nice about Whoever Heard of a Fird is the message, hidden in all the fun. What Fird finally learned was to be himself and accept himself. How Fird behaved and the things he did, was what a fird did. He had to learn not to follow the crowd or let it influenced him. Fird learned to make his own music and dance to the tune.


Fird learned not allow anyone to force groupthink upon him, even though that was exactly what he was looking for. Fird and Snyder Spider learned a lot that I doubt they will ever forget. Because the characters are so unique, all through the book, and the story unforgettable, I doubt I will ever forget those lessons.


The illustrations are bizarrely fun. If you thought of what a fird (part fish, part bird) or a dicken (part dog, part chicken) must look, then you can imagine the unique illustrations. The entire book is colorful. Some of the pages are red, some blue. Others have a character filling all but the space of a line or two. The illustrations will have your eyes glued to the pages as they are turned.


For those who like a message in the books their children read, Whoever Heard of a Fird is a perfect book. Those that think a good story is the most important, will be happy with this book. Those who think a picture book, even one with chapters, must have excellent illustrations that tell the story, will love this book.


Most importantly, kids will love this book for the excellent story and the colorfully bright and imaginative illustrations, despite having a message. Whoever Heard of a Fird is a unique collaboration between author and artist. I am wishing for a second book. There must be some adventure waiting for a part fish, part bird creature with a spider pet/best friend.


Suzanne Morris                                       


I’m so excited that Fird is back! So many years missing! I loved the original Fird illustrations, but these are so much more “today”! Kudos to both Othello Bach and Shann Hurst for re-issuing this beautiful time-tested contribution to children’s literature.

M. Caldwell

I have searched everywhere for "Whoever Heard of a Fird". I loved this book and the recording as a child and I can't think of a better way to instill basic, truthful concepts in my son than to have Fird reinforce what I'm trying to teach him. Thank you for creating it – and for re-publishing it!

Sonny James

Dear Othello, How wonderful that I may be able to see Fird grace the bookstore shelves again! Not only is it our family's favorite, but it was my 'go to' gift for children for Christmas and birthdays! Good luck with the re-publishing! R. Breinich 

Thank you for writing such a wonderful book!

Nancy Young

I remember the book with great fondness and I’m thrilled to see it return – and with exceptionally beautiful artwork! Thank you!

Ken and Maryann

This book had a great message. After all that searching Fird finds out he already is who he is supposed to be and already acts the way he is supposed to act because he is himself and doesn’t need a herd to tell him what to be. The story is well written and is fun to read. There are a lot of words in the book and some harder words so I think it would have to be a read aloud for young kids. There is an audio book version of the book that my sister and I enjoyed listening to. The story has songs in it and on the CD they are sung by all the different characters, which is nice. The plot of the story was very unique (like all the different animal combinations). The illustrations were very detailed and it was nice how even the background colors changed from page to page. The two feature creature illustrations were cool (but I did find a couple a bit creepy, like the Snooze, but he was supposed to be creepy).


Snyder Spider is seriously cute -