Original Book - illustrated by Michelle Dorman

Original 80's commercial for Remco's Firffel toy line

   Othello Bach's award-winning children’s book Whoever Heard of A Fird? was first published in 1984. A narrated version, performed by Academy Award-winner, Joel Grey, was released along with the book.

   At the height of "Fird's" success, with over 100 licensees cramming the stores with children’s merchandise and an animation contract with Hanna Barbera, the book and all of the merchandise suddenly vanished from the shelves.  Although she lost the rights to several other published children’s books at the same time, Othello has never received a reasonable explanation for what happened.

   However, like Fird, Othello refused to give up. For 20 years, she tried to regain the rights to her work. Entertainment attorneys assured her it would never happen. They said, "It can't be done!"  But she did it. Today, with the rights to all of her work securely back in her hands, the highly-collectible Whoever Heard of a Fird? is the first to be re-released, and with beautifully up-dated illustrations by Shann Hurst.



Vintage Firffels lunchbox -1985

Vintage Remco Fird Toy

Vintage Plush Bertle

Firffels "Read Along" book - 1985

Vintage Plush Original Shamel

Original Remco Dickens

Firffels Toy in original packaging